Friday, June 12, 2009

Power Communicating

Brian Tracy describes in his Talk on Power Communicating that someone who asks you about yourself might indirectly be trying to flatter you yet remaining control over the direction of a conversation / interaction. It is all about control, isn't it? Be aware when you give a person that power, letting them live vicariously through you yet revealing little or nothing for you to learn.
Luxe & The Preacherman


Anonymous said...

well, that is kinda a strange perspective... isn't the person who is asking the question trying to learn more, not vice versa.... so, by not answering them what kind of control do you really have? and, is control real??? huh

church de luxe said...

The person who is asking is trying to learn, yes. He/she is trying to take from your table rather than bringing anything new to your world. Giving is better than receiving. The way someone asks also allows s.o. to control the direction of the conversation. Hence you are giving up control - allowing someone else to control you; which is o.k. as long as you are aware of it.